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Transform your business. How do you keep track when the number of connections in the API Economy is constantly growing and the technology is changing towards APIs and microservices? 

Join us at this exclusive event to discuss how to create a working API Lifecycle Management and API Governance System

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Peter Brabec is Business Unit Leader for IBM Europe. He is managing all aspects of the API Economy, API Gateway and DataPower Business for Europe. As such he is supporting the local teams with his expertise for Architectures, Deployment Options, Industry Expertise, Commercial and Technical aspects. Peter has a technical background and therefore knows how to bridge the Business Aspects to the best implementation which helps to improve customers' businesses.


Matthias Biehl, head of API at UBS, author of the book API Architecture & creator of the API University.

Joachim Gucker is IT architect and the CEO and management spokesman of ARS Computer und Consulting GmbH since 2017. Since his employment in 1997, he has gone through several career stages. Starting as Sales Manager, he was appointed Head of Marketing and Sales and finally COO in 2006. With his technical background (including IBM) and his focus on business development, he has been involved in the strategic planning and alignment of ARS for many years.

Mehdi Medjaoui As the founder of the API Days conference series, Mehdi is a well-known expert in the global API community. He is also an API entrepreneur (,, published author, and an in-demand API consultant.





Registration/Reception Drinks and Snacks


Insights from three different customer projects

Joachim Gucker ARS Computer und Consulting GmbH


Welcome, Mehdi Medjaoui, Founder at APIdays


Split into workshops


Ecosystem strategies fueled by APIs

Matthias Biehl,

Author of the book API architecture and creator of the API University, currently head of API at UBS.


3 workshops in parallel (15 mins each)

  • API in Business Context

  • Architecture - API Design and Micro-service

  • Security - API Security and Identity


API Governance and Lifecycle Governance

Peter Brabec, API Economy & DataPower BU Leader, IBM Europe


Wrap-up, flying buffet and networking (until 9:30pm)

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APIDAYS logo 2.jpg
APIdays is the leading series of worldwide conferences on the Programmable Economy. Created in 2012 in Paris, APIdays has organized 33 events in 11 countries, gathering over 10,000 attendees and 1,200+ speakers. Its aim is to democratize and evangelize the opportunities and the use of APIs for corporations and businesses to fully enter the next wave of the digital transformation, the era of automation.
As we move into the API economy, there are huge opportunities for new and innovative solutions. In order to unlock value with new business models and winning experiences you need the help of an API management solution that enables automated API creation, simple discovery of assets, self-service access for developers, and built-in security and governance. IBM would like to be your partner on this journey, sharing our expertise and experiences to help maximize the value of APIs for your enterprise. More information: 

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INNSIDE München Parkstadt Schwabing

Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 10, 80807 München, Germany


Monday, November 26, 2018

4:30 - 9:30pm


40 C-Level Executives

November 26th, 2018 | Munich

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