January – March, 2020

Sustainable Digital Challenge

3 months to learn key principles and best practices on sustainable design, architecture, and code to develop more sustainable software.

Sustainable Digital Challenge is powered by

APIdays – World’s leading series of API Conferences & Fairness


Build a common open knowledge platform to deconstruct clichés about Digital Sustainability

  • Document what are the actual practices causing the maximum effect on energy consumption
  • Match current eco-design practices benefits with current organizations problematics about digital transformation, by identifying the levers of change internally
  • Identify new practices and engaged actors enabling the sustainable digital ecosystem to grow
  • Communicate wider on making digital technologies sustainable in the developer, architect and designer/product communities and in the tech medias

Apidays is the leading industry tech and business series of conferences in APIs and the programmable economy.


A digital project (cloud or not) on which we will be able to apply the maximum of eco-design


January - March 2020


Multi-disciplinary teams. (designers, architects, developers, product managers)


To learn, to share, to meet the community and (why not) win a prize.

Rules of the Challenge

Each participating team will select one project (new or ongoing).

​Teams will identify and apply markers to optimize environmental impact on their project across:

  • Eco-design
  • Eco-architecture
  • Eco-development

​Teams will have access to a dedicated mentor and will be invited to join 3 workshops during the challenge.

​Teams will have 3 months to apply this to their project and will present the conclusion of their work in a 3-minute pitch to the jury of the challenge.

Read our Press Release (in French) here.


Pierre-Olivier Chotard

Enterprise Marketing Manager at Google Cloud

Christine Ebadi

Head of Icelab, Research, Learning, and Innovation Lab at D2SI

Samuel Rousselier

Managing Director & Associate at Le Laptop

Maxime Efoui

Project Director of The Shift Project


Christophe Amelot

Co-Founder & UX Designer of Aristys & Green IT Certified

Jean-Anaël Gobbe

Co-Founder of Aristys & Green IT Certified

Arnaud Kalck

Cloud Customer Enabler at D2SI

Nicolas Drouet

Founder of GreeNet.io

Romual Priol

IT Developer at Peaks

Helene Maître

Product Owner, Agile at Fairness

Fabien Cloud

Senior Cloud Engineer at D2SI

Anthony Marois

Engineering Lead at Fabernovel

Mathieu Marchois

Web & Mobile Developer at Fairness

Richard Hanna

Agile Developer at Fairness

Gaëtane Lemarchand

Junior Project Analyst at Fabernovel

Hugo Hache

CTO Mobile at Fabernovel

Claudia del Prado

Senior Project Manager at Fabernovel

Olivier Barescut

Partner Engineer, Cloud at Google

Lionel Touati

Manager, Partner Engineering at Google


Official launch at APIdays Paris
December 2019

 Registration to the challenge
December – January 2020

Workshop: Eco Design & Challenge kick-off
January 30, 2020

Workshop: Eco Cloud Architecture
February 27, 2020

 Workshop: Eco Development
March 26, 2020

Grand Final: Pitch & Awards
April 22, 2020

Best Practices White Paper Publication
May 2020

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