Women in APIs

At APIdays, just like in the Tech Industry in general, we observed that our community does not reflect the diversity of the global population, both in the speaker line-up at our events - despite our efforts - and in the attendance. Although it is a well-known fact that tech sectors lack female representation, at APIdays we are committed to changing this.

First, by reaching out to more women when we look for speakers and program events, to shift the ratio of female/male participants.


Second, by helping new speakers emerge, bringing them the support they might need.

When we take a look at the variety of people that make great APIs, we see a huge community to reach out to: the people who design, code, and maintain APIs. And all those who manage projects, design business strategies, organise customer success, found or lead businesses, direct marketplaces, run DevRel, market or evangelise APIs, lobby, write laws and public policies…

In this vast amount of people, we want to reach out to more women than those who naturally come to us - and we want to give them visibility.

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