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Day 1 - The new API Stack


With the needs of high speed, high growth and high scalability required by Cloud and Mobile technologies, APIs and Microservices have evolved tremendously. IT and business managers need to understand what this means in order to face the challenges of the digital transformation and achieve a successful transition.

  • On the business side, new concepts like API governance, Developer experience and API-as-a-product have enabled companies like Stripe and Twilio to reach $9.2B and $5B in valuation.

  • On the regulatory front, the EU Commission and many governments worldwide are forcing banks to open APIs and create innovative ecosystems, with, for instance, the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2).

  • On the technical side, recent concepts like API-first architectures, microservices, Service Mesh and Zero trust security, powered by technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, GraphQL, Kafka, OpenId connect and API gateways enable the migration from legacy software to more agile systems, the deployment of software on any cloud in a safe and controlled environment. 

Day 2 - The challenges of the programmable economy


APIs are the digital contract of the 21st century, enabling us to enter into a programmable economy, a world where IT systems are able to discover themselves and integrate with each other without any human interaction.
Is it up to humans to adapt to softwares or do we need to adapt softwares to humans? With AI, how can we distinguish Chatbot APIs from humans online? How can we make the programmable world an inclusive space and educate everyone to the possibility of owning data and technology with Open data, Open APIs, OpenAI and Open source software?

Margaux Pelen, L'éducation à l'ère du numérique

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As we move into the API economy, there are huge opportunities for new and innovative solutions. In order to unlock value with new business models and winning experiences you need the help of an API management solution that enables automated API creation, simple discovery of assets, self-service access for developers, and built-in security and governance. IBM would like to be your partner on this journey, sharing our expertise and experiences to help maximize the value of APIs for your enterprise. More information: 

Apigee, which is now part of Google, is the leading API platform for enterprises and developers. Hundreds of companies, including Daimler AG, PWC, Swisscom, BBC Worldwide—as well as tens of thousands of developers—use Apigee to design, secure, scale, and analyze APIs and manage the entire API lifecycle. More info:

With more than 15 years of experience developing, managing, and securing APIs, companies rely on the Akana API platform to integrate applications and databases to deliver better digital applications, improving the customer experience and positively impacting ROI.

Tyk is a leading Open Source API Gateway and Management Platform, featuring an API gateway, analytics, developer portal and dashboard.
We power millions of transactions for thousands of innovative organisations including AXA, Cisco, and Starbucks.
Fast, flexible, and highly-performant, Tyk is available to install on-premises, as a multi-cloud service, or hybrid.
More info on

Businesses everywhere are looking to extend their operations as a digital platform, creating new channels, finding new customers and driving deeper engagement with existing ones. API Management (APIM) helps organizations publish APIs to external, partner, and internal developers to unlock the potential of their data and services. Microsoft provides world-class API management services and a DevOps extensible tool chain in Azure to help you open your information system to the world in a secure, scalable and agile way.

API Management :
Azure DevOps :


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Beffroi de Montrouge 
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December 11 & 12, 2018

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December 11 & 12, 2018 | Paris

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